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We develop digital systems tailored to your needs

LED Products

Dynamic LED


We design and manufacture LED screens to suit you and your distance and resolution needs.

  • Crafty Crab, Lauderhill (2021)

    Fully customized bar using LED configurations. We used creative fluid forms to create a unique bar design for Crafty's Lauderhill location.

LED Screens

Billboard LED
  • Cali, Colombia (2015)

Graphikus takes immense pride in our role as the complete manufacturer and installer of the curved billboard offered to Tres Amigos. Previously referred to as Dinamika, our company has successfully offered an impactful solution that perfectly aligns with our client's vision. With our commitment to complementing and outshining our clients, Graphikus remains dedicated to taking part in ambitious endeavors that make a lasting impact in the industry.


We design and manufacture LED screens to suit you and your distance and resolution needs.

LED Screens

Totem LED

At Graphikus, we take great pride in our Totem LED designs. We believe they offer a perfect solution for your mobile and dynamic advertisement needs. Whether you're participating in a business fair or have a permanent establishment, our Totem LED designs are designed to captivate the public in a cost-efficient and unique way. With their eye-catching visuals and versatility, our Totem LED designs ensure that your message stands out and leaves a lasting impression. Trust Graphikus to deliver innovative and impactful Totem LED solutions that elevate your brand presence.


    Previously known as Dinamika. When funded in Spain in 2010


    Portable LED

    Experience a world of LED products tailored to your advertising needs. Whether you seek permanent or portable advertisement solutions, Dinamika, in collaboration with Graphikus, promises a unique experience with our range of offerings.

    Embrace the creativity and effectiveness of our LED screen designs. With a commitment to excellence, we personally manufacture and deliver our products, ensuring top-notch quality of service.

    Discover the exceptional qualities of our LED products, boasting not only tailored designs but also effortless portability. Perfectly suited for business fairs and a myriad of events, our products guarantee a seamless and impactful presence.

      LED Products


      Introducing our dynamic lightbox – a beloved gem among our product offerings. Combining style, affordability, and time-efficiency, it stands as a powerful tool to achieve your advertising goals. Tailored for menu displays, signage, and even interior design decorations, our dynamik lightbox is a versatile solution that promises to elevate your brand's visibility and aesthetic appeal.

          10 Years + in Business

          Graphikus embarked on its LED Screen business venture in 2011, headed by John F. Lasso and a dedicated team. Since then, we have excelled in the manufacturing, installation, and design of a wide range of LED screens. Our expertise extends beyond advertising, as we seamlessly integrate these screens into our comprehensive commercial design services. This approach has positioned Graphikus as the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your brand's advertisement needs. By combining cutting-edge technology with our creative prowess, we offer dynamic and visually captivating solutions that effectively communicate and enhance brand messaging. With Graphikus, clients can trust in our commitment to delivering outstanding LED screen solutions that seamlessly blend with their overall commercial design, resulting in a powerful and cohesive brand presence.